Love Your Body. Serve the World. Your Health has a Greater Purpose.


Your health has a greater purpose. It is a tool you can use to create a more compassionate world. Good health helps us be honest participants in the situations we face together on this planet.

We stand by pro-active approaches to healthcare that help you expand your open-heartedness; think more clearly; and move with greater ease.

This view is connected to practices such as:

  • meditation and working with thoughts and emotions.

  • developing awareness and changing restricted tissue through structural integration and therapeutic massage.

  • building a healthy gut and immune system.

  • supporting a nervous system resilient to the high stress demands of our modern world.

We help you engage with your capacity to be free of chronic pain and sickness. When human beings are happy, we naturally give more and help others. This is why health is so much more than the absence of disease! Too many of us live uncomfortably within our bodies when we don't have to. We are meant to be happy. We are meant to move, and be in harmony with this planet.

It's time to take care of yourself because the world needs you.