In 2014,  Tip it Forward was created out of Sustainable Health Choices, inspired by the power in the act of giving more than is expected. We created a fund that funneled all tips received to help subsidize sessions for people who would benefit greatly but cannot afford the SHC standard rate for massage therapy. From this beginning came the larger vision for tipping the balance of access to health + care forward.

As of April 2018 Tip it Forward has been incorporated as a nonprofit.  We have developed community based, collaborative workshops and mobile clinics.   This program offers care to uninsured people that have limited access due to cost, transportation, and other factors. Visit www.tipitforward.org to learn more.

Hear from our participants: 

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Jeff Lanzet
Patti and Dick Stewart
Besides the medical, physical attributes of massage...there is a very spiritual aspect where I feel an inner calm, an inner peace. I’ve had many massages and no one I’ve ever seen in my life works at this type of level that Kammaleathahh does. I’ve never encountered anyone who has ever done anything like Tip it Forward. If it wasn’t for this program, I couldn’t have received the wonderful care that I have received.
It’s that simple. I am very grateful for it.
— Aynil Liayn
I was in a lot of pain, and massage is helping me. My health is getting better. For me, massage is better than taking pain killers. I think Tip It Forward is great. I feel happy that I can help another be happy. I am automatically happy when I give.
— Ajita Bhetwal
Massage is a big part of my health care. It helps me so much. I think the Tip It Forward model is wonderful because it is helping people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to massage. It opens the door.
— Virginia Nall
When I first heard about Kammaleathahh I was in significant pain from complications following two hip surgeries. I remember very clearly the way I felt so much better after that first session with her. I regained mobility that I had lost and my pain reduced significantly.

I love the Tip It Forward model! I would already tip Kammaleathahh for the wonderful help and support she provides me. But now I feel that I am adding a bit of goodness into the world. Tip It Forward is a giving program that comes from the heart.
— Jeff Lanzet
My husband and I had the great privilege and benefit of being both a participant and recipient of the Tip It Forward Program with Sustainable Health Choices. The therapeutic treatments we received were of the highest quality which provided pain relief. Tip It Forward is a wonderful way to show our appreciation for services rendered while helping others in need.
— Patti and Dick Stewart