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Our Foundation of Values

Wholism: The health and wellbeing of people includes the physical body, emotional and mental health, spirituality supportive and nurturing relationships, community connection, and community wellness. Wellbeing is maintained on all of these levels and is an evolving process.

Empowerment: Individuals can develop awareness, sensitivity, and ways to act on maintaining their own health and wellness.

Education: Resources and support are offered to individuals to aid transformation and awareness.

Individual Transformation: Each person is responsible for their own health, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Community Investment: The health of communities directly impacts the health of individuals.

Systemic Transformation: The health of our communities is contingent on working towards change of greater social inequalities. In our motivation and intention, we seek to change negative systems of thought that influence policy and practice.

Sustainable Practice for the environment(s) of the planet: We have responsibility to create and practice policies that support and utilize the resources our earth provides in the best ways possible. 


I am a 65 year old who has experienced normal aches and pains of age and some due to life style. Everybody is different and Kammaleathahh has taken the time to find out “what’s going on” with me both mentally and physically at every session. And based on that chat she’ll work on those areas that will provide the best relief. Throughout the massage she makes sure that I am comfortable and am able to derive the maximum benefit of the visit.
— Arcelia M.