My main problem was walking, standing, and numbness in my feet. I elected to try massage before I considered drugs and surgery. Kammaleathahh not only corrected my main problems, but relieved other complaints I had for years. I’m active again, and no longer a bent over shuffling Grandma! It was good fortune to have found Kammaleathahh.
—Jan Lewis

After a recent accident I was concerned that the pain and immobility was going to be permanent. To my great relief Kammaleathahh helped me through a series of treatments and detailed information of how to support the healing process myself. That successful recovery convinced me to add Reiki Massage and Tibetan Accupressure into my regular health maintenance activities. I now recommend SHC to everyone I know.
—E. Livingstone

As a 52 year old who had always "gotten away with" doing whatever I wanted with my body, it's been difficult to learn to take care of my body. There is a process going on between me and Kammaleathahh that is helping me to make that transition. Very early in our practitioner-client relationship, I had a clear sense of Kammaleathahh's intelligence—her mind—at work on my body. I often feel like Kammaleathahh's greatest muscle is her brain (though I know her hands and arms and back are plenty strong as well). Some of it is conscious teaching from Kammaleathahh, some of it is simply the example provided by Kammaleathahh in her very tangible caring for my muscles, and some of it exists simply in her attitude and calm certainty: that this middle aged body is good, hurts are healable, and getting and giving help in this way is important to who we are as humans.
—Marnie Thompson

We worked with SHC during and after our pregnancy.  The support we received was human, compassionate and empowering.  Our experience could not have been better!  In SHC we found an approach that matched our feeling that health and well-being goes far beyond vitamins and regiments.  SHC is so different than the fear and disempowerment that surround plenty of other health choices—especially where pregnancy and childbirth are concerned.
—Mark Dixon

We both want to say thank you for the partner massage class we took. You were so welcoming, and helpful! It's helped me (and him) feel more comfortable with massage and the class helped both our back issues.. so, again, thank you!
—Anonymous Partner Massage Workshop Clients

Before finding Kammaleathahh, I had tried numerous treatments for what seemed to be chronic shoulder & hip pain. Kammaleathahh was the first to bring me sustained relief, especially with my shoulder. She is able to perform cupping & release techniques which significantly improved my results, increased joint flexibility & reduced pain.
—S. Thompson

Before starting the Fall 2013 Detox, I had a series of health problems ( spiritually, mentally, physically--including weight gain/injury/digestive issues). I had been a strict vegetarian for almost 10 years, but the last 4 had been very, very lax. I longed to "re-boot!" I signed up for the SHC detox knowing that it would be a wonderfully beneficial challenge & learning experience for my health and well-being and I was not disappointed! I learned new ways to center myself, which made more sense to me than had ever before due to the diet's call for detoxifying restrictions & additions. I felt wonderful mental clarity, calmer, and more at peace with decision making & my day to day. The detox does prompt you to "slow down," which was also a much needed, and very helpful learning experience. I learned new ways to think about my food, as well as how to prepare new and tasty Whole Food recipes. I dropped about 8 pounds, which was only a surprisingly added bonus! I am now full of energy, I sleep better, I use the lavatory regularly, I take time for my spirit-self daily, I drink enough water for my size, and overall I am very excited to continue this lifestyle change! It has been only for the better. Jenny & Kammaleathahh did an outstanding job putting this together, and encouraging me throughout. I am excited to share what I now know and looking forward to more information from the next SHC detox!

The Love Yourself 3-Week Detox by Sustainable Health Choices provided me with the support and knowledge I needed to accomplish a three-week detox while eating extremely delicious and healthy foods. My cravings for coffee and sugar diminished after only three days and in five days I felt more energetic. About 14 days into the detox I noticed decreased joint pain and fewer allergy symptoms. Sustainable Health Choices provides all the materials and information needed to continue living a healthy lifestyle beyond the 3-Week Detox class.
—Melinda Erickson

I found the detox experience quite revolutionary in my life. Caused me to change the whole way I look at food... shopping, cooking, eating, planning and sharing. Put a high degree of focus on the choices I make for consuming healthy or non healthy foods from moment to moment. There is real pressure associated with this responsibility that I had never imagined but opening up to it is very empowering, and carries over to many other areas of business and personal life. I enjoyed really good poops and feeling my whole digestive system working comfortably and happily. I enjoy being more aware of just breathing. Many Thanks to SHC.
—E. Livingstone

After a massage with Kammaleathahh I am renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated. She is a highly skilled massage therapist!

Having received massage therapy from Kammaleathahh while she was living in Greensboro, NC, I can attest to her ability to assist a person achieve wellness. She takes the time to get to know her clients and is thorough in her pre-therapy interview so she knows the most effective way to help you. I highly recommend Kammaleathahh and Sustainable Health Choices.
—Anna Lee M.

What Kammleathahh was able to accomplish in just a few short sessions with respect to increased mobility and blood flow to an area of scar tissue was immediately noticeable and quite remarkable. Under the circumstances though, I am perhaps most grateful for your generous spirit in offering the partner massage workshop so that in the temporary absence of your more competent care, we can attempt to “sustain” the healing you brought about through your treatments.
—Bonnie F.

After many years of struggling with ADD and Depression in both childhood and adulthood there seemed to be no other choice but to learn to live with my symptoms by using medications and trying alternative methods as I found out about them. In August of 2009 I met Kammaleathahh at the Stone House and was given two 30 minute treatments. I'm telling you after years of feeling like my head was about to explode, a sore neck, constant headaches, and sleepless nights because of racing, uncontrollable thoughts and not being able to concentrate, I have been symptom free for three weeks and I feel AWESOME! My mind is so clear, and it feels so free of constant pressure. I can concentrate for long periods of time. Thank you so much for touching me with your blessed hands.
—Iden McCollum

One concrete example of my work with Kammaleathahh is that we had been struggling to find a way to "get to" some very old, chronic muscle weakness and pain that I have carried for years in my back. Through a lot of thoughtful physical probing and regular questioning about how I was doing, she tried massage on my side and the effects were terrific. For the first time in more than 10 years, I have not gotten out of bed feeling ginger about my back! At the end of the day, I do not have a sinking feeling as my back muscles just sort of "get tired" of holding me up! Hooray! I seem to be realizing in both body and mind the power of this kind of touch—at least the kind I get from Kammaleathahh is to heal and to nourish.
—Marnie Thompson

I met Kammaleathahh at a health fair about a year ago and after 5 minutes in her chair my neck felt better than it had in ages! I have worked with her regularly since then—she has discovered that, due to an old injury, I was using bad body mechanics and had been literally tying myself in knots. With this knowledge, her massage techniques, and home exercises I am more fluid and pain free than I have been in years. Kammaleathahh is very professional, very personable, and very good at what she does—I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for relief.
—Carol G.

I am 65 years old who has experienced normal aches and pains of age and some due to life style. Everybody is different and Kammaleathahh has taken the time to find out "what's going on" with me both mentally and physically at every session.  And based on that chat she'll work on those areas that will provide the best relief.  Throughout the massage she makes sure that I am comfortable and am able to derive the maximum benefit of the visit. I hate to admit it but I have fallen a sleep during the session but that is a testament as to how good a practitioner Kammaleathahh is. If you are looking for the best and most beneficial massage I highly recommend Kammaleathahh.
—Arcelia M.

I was dealing with a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders, arms, hands and hip. Kammaleathahh introduced me to deep massage.  Within a short time the pain in my hip was gone and the pain in my neck, shoulders and hands was manageable.  I highly recommend Kammaleathahh for her knowledge, technique and results.
—J. Burns

It’s important to support the work Kammaleathahh does to my body with some body work of my own – swimming, bike riding, and walking – and she in turn encourages these activities and expects her clients to stay attuned to their body’s needs and wants. As every smart massage therapist indeed should! I highly recommend her wonderful combination of massage, pressure point work and limb stretching.
—Audrey Berlowitz

The first massage I had with Kammaleathahh lasted one hour with the purpose of addressing my extreme neck and upper back tension. Kammaleathahh taught me in the first massage the links between the front of my chest and my back, something I had never realized before. By opening up and stretching muscles around my collar bone, she began to unlock layers of neck and back tension around my shoulders that had been building for years. In the second session, Kammaleathahh unlocked and helped me to release tension to the extent that I had a similar emotional release in my life, letting go of unnecessary worry and creating a healthier way of carrying myself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I highly recommend her touch that was personalized to address my holistic health concerns.
—Sarah Dougherty

As a person who has had regular massage for 25 years in order to alleviate severe chronic back spasms, I wish to say that Kammaleathahh is in the top three out of a dozen massage therapists I have worked with. She addresses the human body as an integrated unit, one that includes not only muscle and bone but also mind and spirit. In a massage, she is aware of how bodies change in only a couple of weeks and adjusts to those changes by adjusting her massage. Because she understands that the body is a complex being, she recognizes that the psoas muscle tied to the hip is directly connected to the jaw muscle -- if one is tight, both may be. She is a pleasure to be with and physically restorative.

Kammaleathahh's massages are wonderful… I love how Kammaleathahh listens to what I need from the massage and meets that need. Just thinking about it makes me want to call for another!
—Sara Clark

I am amazed at the difference in mucous production brought on by eating so many greens. I love the way my skin looks and feels. I have also gained a little strength in the areas of self-control and standing firm to have some of my own needs met. The spring detox has been a life changing experience. I'm very happy I lost 10 plus pounds and have kept it off, learned a new way of eating, I feel like I have more energy and that it is more even. I felt like I found myself and thanks to the detox, I relieved some long standing anger issues and was able to see the better part of myself.
—Anonymous Detox Client

Kammaleathahh's workshop "Get the Kinks Out" is invaluable.  I work with my hands and arms a lot (who doesn't?) and hold a lot of tension and fatigue in these areas, as well as in my neck and shoulders.  I learned simple massage techniques to administer to my own body to release muscle tightness and stress.  Now, I don't have to wait for a massage appointment or for my husband to "squeeze my shoulders".... I can do it myself, and it works!  I felt a million times better after the workshop, and continue to use the techniques at home!
—A. Kinney

Attending the massage workshop was very beneficial and informative for my needs. I came in hoping to learn more preventive strategies and tips to assist me in maintaining my chronic back pain more effectively between massage sessions. I learned multiple tools and I am looking forward to utilizing these techniques at home.

Kammaleathahh has a very gentle, intuitive and attentive feel when practicing Reiki. My experiences with her have been remarkably healing on many different levels. She draws down that life-force energy and beams it right to where it hurts even if you didn't even know that it was hurting. You will leave her table ready to redefine your life and kick the ass of anything negative that even thinks of coming your way. Our sessions have been communicative, safe and professional, and I've left each time with my body feeling better and the world a better place to be.
—Will Ridenour