9 Aspects of Health

These 9 aspects of health are the heart of how we evaluate, and decide how we can best support you on your health journey.

1. Compassion: When We Help Others, We Help Ourselves

Compassion completes a circuit. It opens Space.  On multiple levels, from our minds to our interpersonal relationships: when we give, we expand. It is this expansion that allows us to hear and accept the intelligence of our bodies; to perceive solutions to problems we did not readily see before; and to be open to the voices of others we may normally ignore.

2.  Thought: Meditation/Prayer/Contemplation/Quiet

Good health begins in your thought. What software is your brain running? Are you running your thoughts or are your thoughts running you? What are the ingrained ways of thinking that keep you from not healing? What habits lock you into the same patterns that keep you tired, sick, and unmotivated? We must establish cohesion between what we think is possible and what we see as our reality. We create reality through our collective and individual perceptions.

3. The Breath:  Subtle Energy Cultivation

Respiration – the  Latin origin ‘respiritus’  meaning “return to spirit”. The long tradition of connecting the breath to spirit is held in many languages, and thus has a significant spot in multiple healing systems for healing and longevity.  It is the source of balance –  easing digestive, emotional, and mental congestion.

When congestion is eased, the fluids of the body such as blood and lymph flow easier. Blood vessels dilate; oxygen is received more efficiently; and cellular communication is strengthened.

4. Clean Food and Water:  Sustenance

Food prepared with love, eaten peaceably, and chewed thoughtfully. Food grown in nutritious, fertile soil, with clean water, and genetically unaltered seeds. Eat a rainbow of vegetables and a variety of nuts, seeds, and legumes. Possibly food can be grown in your own backyard, or bought down the street from a local grower. It makes a difference to eat real, fresh whole foods.

 Image courtesy of kilts on Flickr.

Image courtesy of kilts on Flickr.

5. Movement: Exercise Done Wisely and Sustainably

The human body was designed for regular movement. Simple, regular movement. Consider walking every day. It is gentle on our nervous system; it’s free; it helps our hearts; and we can take in the beauty of our environment.

6. Botanical Remedies: Herbalism

Time tested. Mother nature approved. As with any science, there is a precision and art to create effective and safe herbal formulas.

7. Therapy: Preventive and Complimentary Therapies

Multiple avenues can be used to assist for healing and recovery. We all have conditions that can be supported by the services of Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Western medical tests, Massage therapy, Acupuncture, Physical therapy, and other systems of treatment.

8. Chemical Intervention: Pharmaceuticals

Everything that our medical community has to offer has a place. Pharmaceuticals should be considered after all previous options have been explored and considered.  Take personal responsibility to weigh the benefits and detriments of drugs that are offered to you.

9. Emergency Interventions: Surgery

Surgery saves lives often. Have all options been considered before this course is taken?