Integration and Moving Forward: Christian's Experience of Session 10 and 11

All of the anatomy trains lines have been used as a map in the exploration and organization of Christian's structure and movement patterns. A lot of the myofascia has been opened, reawakened, and differentiated to best organize the body under the force of gravity. 

Sessions 9-12 aims to bring the superficial sleeve and deep core structures into a coordinated whole, and spend time reinforcing manual and movement awareness work. There is a lot more emphasis on gait assessment, and receiving work while standing and sitting. Session 10 balances the lower body around its open core and examine three dimensional movements in the pelvis. The goals of session 11 is to balance the shoulders over the ribcage, and ease and integrate the shoulders and arms. 

Below Christian writes about his experience with Session 10 and 11. 

Session 10

I finally got my leg pointed straight, they are no longer all twisted.  My leg used to be pointed out and my feet were not in line with the rest of my leg. I would roll my feet out when I walked. After this session and work in the previous session that is no longer the case.  Thanks to the treatment, my legs no longer hurt and my feet do not ache. I know my movements are more fluid now and I and quick now, my jiu jutsu has also improve that to this treatment.

Week 11

This session is the one I notice the results almost immediately, I notice the other results too. She got my shoulders level and they do not feel tight and I woke up and my neck was not stiff. My arms and shoulder have never felt so relaxed before. I knew my shoulders were tight and my neck was stiff. I thought that just the way it was. I never that it was possible to have my shoulder as relaxed and open.