Integrating and moving forward: Geri's experiences with sessions 9 and 10

All of the anatomy trains lines have been used as a map in the exploration and organization of Geri's structure and movement patterns. A lot of the myofascia has been opened, reawakened, and differentiated to best organize the body under the force of gravity. 

Sessions 9-12 aims to bring the superficial sleeve and deep core structures into a coordinated whole, and spend time reinforcing manual and movement awareness work. There is a lot more emphasis on gait assessment, and receiving work while standing and sitting. 

The goals of session 9 is to work with the movement along the lines of the leg, and examine the pelvic position in relation to the femurs and spine. The goals of session 10 is to create space for a big "3-d" breath, review all of the anatomy trains lines in the middle body, open the torso from the sides and balance the scapula and clavicles with breathing. 

Below Geri writes about her experience with Session 9 and 10. 

Integration is my next step in the SI series. For sessions nine and ten, Kammaleathahh looked at connecting all the work that we have done over the eight sessions by managing the areas that haven’t fully opened up. She accomplishes this by linking the deeper work done from sessions five through eight, which provided movement, stability, and balance. Having moved past the deeper work on my body, these next two sessions looked at the how my body has come together with the adjustments and alignment through the lower body to torso and then through the torso to the upper portions of my body.  Session nine looked at the integration of movement through the lower body. My tenth session addressed movement: feet, knees, pelvis, hips and lower spine, and the frontal line of my upper body, which involves the lower back, ribcage, chest, shoulders, and neck.

Over the course of the previous sessions we have moved from superficial to deep tissue manipulation. Each session, with the exception of session eight, has required activeness of body and mind. Like so many of my KMI sessions, the ninth session started with a whole body assessment. This particular assessment was a bit different in that Kammaleathahh assessed which portions of my lower body had not integrated with the previous work. Kammaleathahh took me to an open space where I walked the length of the room. While walking, she evaluated the movement in my feet, knees, pelvis, hips, and lower back. The assessment revealed some restriction in the pelvis and hips, which meant I had a shortness in my stride and a limited rotation, or fluidity, of my pelvis.

Once back in her room, she focused on adjusting those areas which were still limited in length and motion. She started by working the top and inner arch of my feet. She then moved to my knees, outer thigh, and outer hips. During this portion, I found that I experience less tension and soreness than in previous sessions. In the latter portion of the session, I had to focus on my breath, as the work targeted the deep tissue under the pelvis, accessed from the inner area of thigh and groin. While it was by no means painful, I still had residual tightness, which breathing and clearing my mind helped get me through.

When I stood up, I could feel my knees were more at ease and I was aware that my weight felt more evenly distributed between my feet, knees, and hips. Once I settled, Kammaleathahh took me back to the open space and had me walk the room. My stride was more extended and I felt relief in my hips. I was definitely more loose in the rotation of my hips and pelvis as I walked the room, it really was quite interesting. She gave me exercises to help promote the continue openness of my hips and pelvis. A week later, I still felt an ease of movement in my hips and down to my feet. Since this session, my physical fatigue has remained at a minimum while my personal activities have become more demanding.

For my tenth session, we continued to link the integration of the work from my lower body to the upper torso. This session explored connecting my lower and upper torso to help align my lower and upper body through increasing the depth of breath within my ribcage. Kammaleathahh worked to make sure that from my pelvis to my ribs were aligning from head to toe. She worked to make sure that my upper back and pelvis were continuing to hold the work we had done over the last few sessions, and thus far I have not fallen back into the multiple rotations found in my hips, back, and chest.

This tenth session began with me lying on my back with my knees bent and feet shoulder width apart. Kammaleathahh, then accessed the tightness found in the rotation of pelvis by working my abdomen. She worked through the space between my abdominal wall and pelvis, pressing the fascial tissue that connects the spine to the pelvis. While she held her position in the place, she slowly worked deeper and deeper toward the back of my pelvis. She then asked me to slowly raise my foot, on the side she was working from a few inches of the table, slowly up and down several times. While doing this, I could feel a tightness in the muscles in this area and in the tissues she had accessed. After working both sides, I could definitely feel that one side was tighter than the other, almost sore in comparison to the other. I was really surprised once again about the sensation. Kammaleathahh had me stand up after completing both sides, and once on my feet I could feel my hips more settled. Since beginning the sessions, I have seen more and more how the small and subtle exchange in pressure and movement have reflected repressed stress and discomfort.

In the last half of the session we worked on the upper chest, neck, and shoulders. I started on the bench, where I rotated at various degrees to allow a proper distribution of pressure and Kammaleathahh access to the small spaces in my upper shoulders and spine. She pressed through my lower ribcage and lower back to help expand my ability to breath into the full length of my torso. Once the bench work was completed, I lay back down on the table to have my upper chest and the top of my shoulders worked on. I had had a more stressful week and, as usual, I found myself carrying that stress in my neck and upper shoulders, so I was a bit sensitive to the pressure of the massage across the upper shoulders. However, during the last few weeks, I have not reverted to continually clinched or turned in shoulder positions. When the session was complete, my shoulders felt released and broad. For me, there is nothing better than to notice that forced tension gone.

I have continued the momentum, sensing my natural tendencies with turning in and holding on to the physical manifestations of my feelings. I make sure to release my shoulders when I’m stressed and feel when my hips are rotating out instead of rolled under, which can cause my knees and shins to be fatigued. These sessions have helped me to not manifest physically the stresses of the everyday. I now have the awareness to take a deep breath, relax my body, and release.