Halfway through the journey: Christian's Experience of the Low Deep Front Line

Sessions 5-8 of the SI series is focused on releasing and balancing the deep front line which comprises the body's myofascial core. 

The deep front line begins in the deep underside of the foot, traveling up behind the bones of the lower leg and knee and up the inner thigh, and then through the front of the hip joint, the pelvis, and lumbar spine, while a second track passes up the back of the thigh to the pelvic floor and rejoins the first track at the lumbar spine. The deep front line continues up through the ribcage, through the thoracic viscera, and up through the deeper structures of the neck and jaw. 

The main goals of session 5 is to build support and lift through the inner leg; balance the foot arches; contact the pelvic floor; and open the deep hip flexors. 

Below Christian describes his experience:

The first part of my sessions is over and I am now into the second part of the series. Kammaleathahh opened up the core line in my lower body and my legs felt great as a result. The following day, my legs were sore but that only lasted one day, it felt like you ran a few miles or worked out your legs. Now, my legs feel fine and I have more energy.

I no longer feel like I am trapped in my own body.

Before I started this treatment, I did not realize how little a range of motion I had. I still have a way to go before I am finished and I get more excited at the results of each session.