The Deep Front Line Continued: Geri's Experience of Sessions 7 and 8

Sessions 7 and 8 of the SI series continues to balance the deep front line which comprises the body's myofascial core. 

The deep front line begins in the deep underside of the foot, traveling up behind the bones of the lower leg and knee and up the inner thigh, and then through the front of the hip joint, the pelvis, and lumbar spine, while a second track passes up the back of the thigh to the pelvic floor and rejoins the first track at the lumbar spine. The deep front line continues up through the ribcage, through the thoracic viscera, and up through the deeper structures of the neck and jaw. 

The goals of session 7 is to align the bony support in the back of the body, free the intrinsic motion of the sacrum (which is the bone in between your two hip bones), and ease spinal bends and rotations. 

The goals of session 8 is to align  and balance the head, neck, and jaw atop the bod by gently bringing you back ‘home’  to find that easy lift of the entire structure with your ‘head on your shoulders’.

Below Geri highlights her experience of the jaw and nose work in session 8. 

For session seven and eight, Kammaleathahh continued to build on the work we started not so long ago. For session seven, Kammaleathahh finished the final part of working on my pelvis.

My eighth session took a bit of a different focus. Focusing on the upper portion of my body in this session, Kammaleathahh worked on my jaw, nose, and neck to create balance through the deep front line of my body. This was the last part of the series focusing on the deeper tissue. The purpose of releasing the tension of the inner areas of both the mouth and jaw allows for balance in the jaw and facial bones.

For the first part of the session, we worked on the jaw by massaging through the inner part of my mouth. This included slow and consistent pressure that ran along the lower and upper spaces of my mouth between the gums and the inner part of my lip. Kammaleathahh wore gloves throughout the process, starting at the front, and moving all the way to the back of the cheek. This session really required me to focus on my breathing. It could have been a bit unnerving if I had not focused on breathing through my nose and not my mouth. Once both sides of the inner cheek and gums had been released she then worked under the tongue, applying pressure on both sides all the way to the back of the teeth and gums. I made sure to breathe slowly through my nose because I realized the treatment could make one feel like gagging. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case for me.

The second portion of this session focused on my nose or the inner nasal cavities.  The nose is the opening to your inner sanctuary. It is the path to bring calm and serenity to yourself and is necessary to bring balance in life. While still wearing gloves, Kammaleathahh inserted her pinky finger into my nostrils one at a time and slowly followed the path of my nostril until she could go no further. Kammaleathahh held this position on each side for several minutes, checking with me to make sure I wasn’t too uncomfortable. I have to say it was a very different experience, but an experience that wasn’t painful or really uncomfortable, just different.

The purpose of the intra-oral and intra-nasal work is to balance the mandible via the temporomandibular joint; open and balance the viscero-cranium (facial bones) and the nuero-cranium (cranial vault); open and release the facial muscles; and bring balance and length to the tissues around the cervical vertebrae. All of these benefits together provides a lightening for the body's systems, especially the myofascial structures that hold the head up. 

After Kammaleathahh worked on relaxing and neutralizing my jaw and nose, she worked on my upper and lower neck, along with my upper shoulders and chest. I found the work on the upper shoulders more intense than I expected. While I have learned to recognize when I wrench my shoulders during stressful times and have learned to make adjusts to myself, apparently I still carry a lot of tension. For this last part of the session, there was a lot of deeper breathing to help me get through. In the end, when she had me stand up, my rib cage was no longer just expanding up and out, but deeper into the middle and lower portion of my back. I can say that, if nothing else, since this session I am more cognitive of my breath and how everything is so connected to helping me feel better. From the adjustment in my feet and hips to my upper shoulders and jaw, I am truly reaping the rewards of this therapy.