Christian's Journal: Breathing easier with sessions 7 and 8

Sessions 7 and 8 of the SI series continues to balance the deep front line which comprises the body's myofascial core. 

The deep front line begins in the deep underside of the foot, traveling up behind the bones of the lower leg and knee and up the inner thigh, and then through the front of the hip joint, the pelvis, and lumbar spine, while a second track passes up the back of the thigh to the pelvic floor and rejoins the first track at the lumbar spine. The deep front line continues up through the ribcage, through the thoracic viscera, and up through the deeper structures of the neck and jaw. 

The goals of session 7 is to align the bony support in the back of the body, free the intrinsic motion of the sacrum (which is the bone in between your two hip bones), and ease spinal bends and rotations. 

The goals of session 8 is to align  and balance the head, neck, and jaw atop the bod by gently bringing you back ‘home’  to find that easy lift of the entire structure with your ‘head on your shoulders’.

Below is Christian's experience:

In session 7, we mainly worked on getting my right leg pointed straight. After 38 years of walking a particular way, trying to get the leg straightened out has proven to be tough. Kammaleathahh has worked the muscle and has made great improvements. 

Session 8 was the most interesting of all my sessions so far. I have never had someone massage the outside AND the inside of my jaw before. It was an odd sensation, but strangely satisfying. I feel as if after this session that I can breathe easier. During the session Kammaleathahh opened up pockets inside my mouth and massaged my gums. She was very careful. My mouth felt amazing afterwards.  She also massaged the inside of each nostril. I would recommend this treatment for everyone. You have no idea how your outlook on your day can change after you have a great head massage.