The Deep Front Line: Geri's Experience of Session 5 and 6

Sessions 5-8 of the SI series is focused on releasing and balancing the deep front line which comprises the body's myofascial core.

The deep front line begins in the deep underside of the foot, traveling up behind the bones of the lower leg and knee and up the inner thigh, and then through the front of the hip joint, the pelvis, and lumbar spine, while a second track passes up the back of the thigh to the pelvic floor and rejoins the first track at the lumbar spine. The deep front line continues up through the ribcage, through the thoracic viscera, and up through the deeper structures of the neck and jaw.

The main goals of session 5 is to build support and lift through the inner leg; balance the foot arches; contact the pelvic floor; and open the deep hip flexors.

The main goals of session 6 is to free the movement of the diaphragm from above and below; balance the myofascia around the lumbar spine; and balance the shoulders over the ribcage.

Below Geri reflects on her experience of sessions 5 and 6:

I am now over half way through my KMI SI sessions. We have made progressive action toward aligning my posture and giving my body a sound and grounded base, which was accomplished by building on each session and continually working my lower leg, knees, hips and pelvis into the proper positions. My experience has connected me to areas of myself I had no idea existed, releasing my body from the physical and emotional fatigue of my life. That may sound dramatic, but this process that I began three months ago has provided me clarity about how I perceive my body and its comfort.

Alignment and stability are the primary goals for the overall KMI series. The core of my body is the ultimate focus of each of the sessions. We have focused from the beginning on understanding where patterns of strain have been formed in my body. By looking closely at these patterns both Kammaleathahh and I can develop a clearer understanding of how they have manifested into fatigue and tension, allowing for subsequent sessions to expand into deeper methods of structural stability.

Sessions five and six are the starting point of helping my deeper connective tissues release these tensions. Both sessions focus on the lower extremities of my body and my pelvis. Session five focused on my feet, knees, and legs to the base on my pelvis. In session six, we continued the work on my pelvis from the front of my torso through my lower back and spine. By focusing on the foundation of my body, such as the feet through the pelvis, my body has responded by feeling more open and lengthened.

Kammaleathahh explained that from session five onward the sessions would purposefully delve into areas that are smaller and deeper than the areas we had so far explored in sessions one through four.

She began session five at my feet, working through the arches of my foot, lengthening the outside and tops of my ankles, along with the shin. While I have experienced positive results from the work done on my lower legs through the first four sessions, my fifth session made it evident why there are twelve total sessions for KMI. Though a great deal of the fluidity had been reestablished in my feet, lower leg and knees, I definitely felt tension being released from those parts of my body as she worked on my arches and upper ankles.

Kammaleathahh related this session as the stage of expressing the roots of my body, which need to be spread and grounded so that the body’s structure can have a stronger foundation. Like a tree, my body needs a strong foundation to counter the progressive weakening that comes from a misaligned core and extremities. Setting a solid foundation through the balance of my feet up to my lower pelvis helps create an even plain for my lower spine, making the corrections more permanent.

Once the work on my feet was completed, she moved into working the supportive tissues of my pelvis by manipulating the tissue underneath my pelvis and inner thigh. It was quite surprising to find that this area, located between my hip and groin, actually exists and that her pressing into accessible spaces could almost immediately release  a tightness in my hips. There was some significant pressure while trying to accomplish this task, due to the fact that the intended area is past the main artery in my groin. Once the point was located and worked, my hips made me feel like I was more settled, turned under, and the degree of turn in my feet and knees was alleviated.

By session six, I could feel that my posture had improved. I felt more elongated through my back and my neck, and in my body reading Kammaleathahh noticed too. She could see from my hip to my knees, through the extension of my feet, that I was more inline. Though my right side continues to turn through the coarse of my scoliosis, I have been maintaining the progression of the physical changes resulting from the sessions from week to week. She noted more work needed to be done along the arch of my feet to help continue with the alignment of my knees and core.

One of the goals in session 6 is to balance and seek appropriate span in the lumbars so there is a reciprocal balance between the respiratory diaphragm and pelvic diaphragm, the pelvic floor. This frees breathing holding patterns to highlight where it is stuck, unused, or forgotten.

Session six started with me on my stomach and work was done to my calves to help release residual tension. From there, we started on my pelvis. The work started from the front of my abdomen, releasing the bands that interlock from the front of my lower abdomen and pelvis to my spine. I then lay on my side so that Kammaleathahh could work through the tissues of my abdominal wall and underneath the diaphragm and ribs. This was a slow process that required me to take deep and expansive breaths so that she could slowly stretch the bands that connected from the front of my core to my spine.

Freeing the bands that connect from the front of my body to my spine allowed for my chest to open up. It helped me take deeper and expanding breath. Connecting session five and sixs sets the foundation for my next session, which will work on my pelvis from the rear of my body.

To help me continue to open up, I was given an exercise of mentally expanding from my shoulders. This action was subtle, not an overly exaggerated opening of my chest and shoulders. However, it helped me practice mentally extending from my shoulders and giving the sensation of more open breath throughout my chest and rib cage.

My physical and emotional balance continues to improve as the work on my body progresses further into parts of my body that I had no idea existed. My energy levels do not fluctuate like they did in the past. Because of the consistency of energy, I am feeling more accomplished in my daily life, which helps me maintain a mindset of confidence and overall accomplishment. To see this part of KMI continuing to manifest for me daily has made this process and experience very worthwhile.