Structural Integration Journal - Session 1 The Superficial Front Line

It is August and I have started the KMI Structural Integration Series with Sustainable Health Choices. I made a pledge to myself to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. I have stumbled along the way and have had some setbacks. I have been seeing Kammaleathahh for massage for about three months and it seems to have helped.

 Christian, one of SHC's Structural Integration candidates.

Christian, one of SHC's Structural Integration candidates.

The first session of the SI 12 series is focused on addressing superficial tissues along the front of the body from the top of the foot to the head. 


At the beginning of a 12 series, we do a bodyreading that paints the overall picture of how areas in the body have tilted, shifted, bent, or rotated.  We go through one’s health history and the specific goals a client has. 

Let me start from the beginning and explain why I am writing about the 12 Step Series. I had Reye’s Syndrome when I was three years old and, though I was blessed with a full recovery, I was left with a great many scars, particularly on the back of my head. These scars were caused by the bedsores that developed when I could not be moved. I didn’t give them a second thought until Kammaleathahh told me that the scar tissue in my neck might be restricting my movement. 

I was somewhat nervous the first day. I know that this is not a quick fix and at the end of the process I will feel better and be in better health. It started with a body reading. Kammaleathahh checked me over to see my range of motion.  First, I lay on my back, staring at my feet. I flex my toes and my ankles. All the while, Kammaleathahh is massaging and manipulating the tissues in my body. We continue like this. I move certain parts of my body and she works the different muscle areas. I am amazed at how different I feel after just one session.