A journey to wellness begins with a single step

Hello, SHC community!

We have finally selected our two candidates to participate in SHC’s 12 Series Structural Integration Program. You may have seen our announcements about this promotion on our social media outlets earlier this year.

Our two candidates, Geri and Christian, will help tell the story of 12 Series Structural Integration as they move through their sessions. SHC is excited and proud to offer this form of bodywork and we are eager to hear the stories of our candidates’ progress.

Geri has already concluded two sessions with Kammaleathahh and begun to write about her early experiences and the outcomes she hopes for:

"I would like to see a change in my posture and physical capabilities. I want to see my body reclaim itself so its potential can be expanded as I move through my life structures and daily paths. I want to be more aware of my weaknesses in how I hold myself and how the stresses impede and wear on my life and body. This series offers me the opportunity to listen to the messages that my body has been sending me." - Geri

Structural Integration (SI) work focuses on balancing the entire system, rather than simply treating symptoms. Geri has multiple physical issues that she experiences daily.

"I have scoliosis, which affects my lower back and, in turn, my hips and knees. I began experiencing chronic migraines when I turned 30, which contribute to not only unbelievable persistent fatigue in my upper back and tightened muscles throughout my scalp, neck, and shoulders. Some mornings, I have tightness in my jaw with residual clicking from clenching my jaw during the night. Also, due to a work injury, I suffer pinching and pain in my right shoulder when I move it at certain angles. I also recently suffered a miscarriage."

Geri is a great fit for Kinesthetic Structural Integration because she is receptive to the changes that can be made to better support her body’s alignment and motivated to engage with the process.

"For me, there is a strong desire to not condemn myself through this assessment but to look past the negative and find a positive position, a place where I can slow down and take in the sensations as a productive balance of progression physically and emotionally." 

 Finally, we wanted to share a few concrete physical observations from Geri about her first two sessions with Kammaleathahh.

"In this moment, I am aware of the looseness of my knees and ankles. The tension in my shins has diminished significantly. It was a tension I hadn’t realized was plaguing me for some time. The pain became considerably more noticeable after a good walk or going up several flights of stairs. Over the two weeks, the sensation that was a result of the stretches and the bodywork done to my legs has not diminished.
The stretches and fascial work done on my abdomen made me feel like I carried more length when I stood during the first week. That feeling has not lasted as long over the two weeks since my first session due my being required to lift and move heavy objects for work. This is also true of the work that was carried out on my shoulders. For now, I do not have any expectations that my upper back or shoulders will be changed immediately. I can only expect more time and further exploration with the therapy I am receiving from Kammaleathahh and exercise may further assist with remedying the issues in those areas."

Look for future posts with reflections from Geri and Christian. If you are interested in exploring Kinesthetic Structural Integration at SHC, please visit our  webpage for more information.