The Spiral Line: Christian's Experience of Session 4

The fourth session of the SI series is focused on the superficial tissues that contribute to rotations in the body. In this session, the main goals are to begin easing rotations, set the balance in the shoulder blades, set the balance in the foot arches, and prepare the body for deeper work.

The Spiral line loops around the body in two helices, joining each side of the head, across the upper back to the opposite shoulder, and then around the ribs to the front along the oblique muscles to the hip. From the pelvis, the line creates a sling, running down the front of the thigh, across the shin to the inner arch of the foot, passing under the foot, and up along the back/lateral side of the leg, to the bottom of the pelvis, and up along the erector spinae muscles of the spine.  

Christian makes a good point: the SI series is literally aiming to integrate pieces of the body that have been ‘kinesthetically’ disconnected into the whole. This integration can be reported as a feeling of fluid movement. It is very helpful to have some sort of movement practice during the series as it helps people be more aware of the changes taking place than if we just received the work and went right back to sitting all day in a chair.

This session was really good. Since I started working with Kammaleathahh I have felt good. I study jiu jitsu and the movements have been easier for me since beginning these sessions. I have noticed that the joint locks we practice have become easy to do. My movements have become more fluid and I am able to use my newly aligned skeletal structure to greater effect.

The fourth session weaves in and out of tissue addressed in the first three sessions and is therefore a summary for the superficial myofascia before delving into the deeper myofascial structures of the body. Christian is already feeling greater range of motion in the hips and we still have 8 more sessions to go!

In most martial arts,  you use your core and hips, I have noticed that I have greater range of motion in my hips so I have been able to perform certain moves.

Christian makes another important point: he is noticing and catching himself when he collapses, giving him deeper awareness to make subtle changes in how he holds himself. This has the effect of diminished pain and tension.

I have noticed that I stand up straighter and sit with better posture.  I have also noticed that I do not slouch when I sit down and if I start to I feel the need to sit up straight. I work in a restaurant and am on my feet all day, but my feet no longer hurt like used to when finished my shift. I am so grateful and lucky that I was chosen for the SI pilot program.

And we are lucky to be working with Christian!