The Spiral Line: Geri's Experience with Session 4 of the SI Series

The fourth session of the SI series is focused on the superficial tissues that contribute to rotations in the body. In this session, the main goals are to begin easing rotations, set the balance in the shoulder blades, set the balance in the foot arches, and prepare the body for deeper work.

Over the these last four sessions, I am beginning to see a link between how my body processes and manifests the work being done in the SI sessions and how that, in turn, affects me emotionally. By starting to diminish and release the tension and resistance stored in certain areas of my body, I have felt much more aware these last few weeks.

In imbalance the Spiral line participates in creating and maintaining rotations, twists, and lateral shifts in the body. The Spiral line loops around the body in two helices, joining each side of the head, across the upper back to the opposite shoulder, and then around the ribs to the front along the oblique muscles to the hip. From the pelvis, the line creates a sling, running down the front of the thigh, across the shin to the inner arch of the foot, passing under the foot, and up along the back/lateral side of the leg, to the bottom of the pelvis, and up along the erector spinae muscles of the spine. 

In my fourth session, Kammaleathahh, explored the spiral lines, or bands, that run across my core. We are working toward connecting my core. The spiral lines that run across my core are bands of tissue that transverse my abdomen and back. These have, over time, become tight due to the years of my body countering my scoliosis.

I was diagnosed at 13 and wore a back brace for three years to help decrease the curvature of my spine and prevent the continued rotation of my rib cage. There was some success in preventing a further curving of my spine, but I have dealt with noticeable fatigue and pain as a result of my condition, which also affected the rotation of my hips, compounding the pressure in my knees, shins, ankles, and feet.  The work done to correct the bands that run across my core will relieve the tension held in my legs, shoulders, and neck and continue to unblock me so I can be more emotive in my daily life.

The fourth session weaves in and out of tissue addressed in the first three sessions and is therefore a summary for the superficial myofascia before delving into the deeper myofascial structures of the body.

In this fourth session, Kammaleathahh linked the work done in the first several sessions and began to help my core and spine rotate into proper alignment. The prior sessions with Kammaleathahh have done an amazing job at releasing a significant portion of the tension in my lower extremities, which had become exacerbated through a combination of my scoliosis and my job, which requires me to stand for eight hours a day.

Geri points out a significant mind-body connection, and it is through her awareness that she noticed that as physical stressors on her body have changed, she has become happier and mentally clearer. This is very significant! This openness and clarity even allowed her to take in the anniversary of her father’s passing in a new way.

As I have gone through the sessions and become more familiar with the expectations during and after each session, I decided to work on being more aware of the emotional side of this SI process. With physical stressors falling way, I have noticed an increased sensitivity to my daily emotional presence. Lately, I have just felt clearer. Not exponentially happier, just more emotionally unguarded and able to process my day, which has helped me be more intuitive and productive.

The subtleness of my emotional awareness can be connected to my body releasing such seemingly small pressures. For example, for the first time in a very long time, I consciously felt the emotional weight of the anniversary of my father’s death. I am not one to sentimentalize dates, but this time I was very aware of the day, which hasn’t happened to me in nearly ten years. I consider his presence to be with me every day. I felt a heightened awareness during the session with Kammaleathahh, and that sensation persisted after the session in quite a wonderful way.

Again, she points out another important insight: the SI series in its deepest intention is to help people reclaim and deepen awareness.

As the sessions of KMI continue to help me balance and align my core, I hope future sessions will continue to expand, build, and deepen. I am trying to make sure that, while I might not immediately grasp what is happening, I stay as present as possible daily. I am really seeing the benefit of reclaiming my awareness.