Christian's Experiences with Sessions 2 & 3: The Superficial Back Line and Lateral Line

The second session of the SI 12 series is focused on addressing superficial tissues along the back of the body from the bottom of the foot to the top of the head. The Superficial Back Line (SBL) supports the body to stand upright, and prevents the tendency to curl into a fetal position. 

The SBL has to do with front to back movements, and is partnered with the superficial front line. Since we are born in a flexed position, the balance of the SBL is linked to the development of the curves of our spine.  As Tom Myers’ writes in Anatomy Trains, the muscles of the SBL “provides a functional link across the waves that constitute the primary and secondary curves of the spine and legs.” Thus, in this session the practitioner begins to see where the primary curves (cranial, thoracic, sacral, and heel) need to be balanced with the secondary curves (cervical, lumbar, knees, and arches), and where the myofascia has become out of balance.

Session 2

One of the goals of Session 2 is to bring the tissue and energy down through the bones of the legs, allowing the feet to ground the nervous system.

This was so far the best session. We worked on the lower part of my body. She really got my leg muscles loose and my legs feel great and no longer feel heavy. My legs have never felt so good!

The lateral line (LL) mediates forces across front to back and left to right. It stabilizes the trunk and legs like a brake for sidebending and rotational movements of the trunk.  Issues such as lumbar compression, ankle pronation and supination and shoulder restrictions due to head forward posture are some examples that can addressed through this line.  The practitioner considers how strain, trauma, and movement tend be passed through the whole body along the Anatomy Trains - these fascial lines of transmission.

Session 3

It is very important to balance the arches in the feet as there is a reciprocal relationship between the feet, the legs, and the pelvis. Changes from below can have large implications for changes that can happen above. 

This session Kammaleathahh worked on the outer portions of my body. I lay on my side and she really got my muscles loose. She got the bones in my feet aligned and when I stood up I felt like I was learning to walk again. I am on my feet a lot at work and now my feet do not hurt after work.