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Your First Holistic Health Appointment:

As a new client, we will discuss your current medical status and heath history. You will be asked about medications, injuries, areas of pain and soreness, your occupation and activities, and what kinds of activities cause you discomfort or soreness.  You will be asked to get undressed in private, and cover yourself with a sheet once you are on the massage table. Each session is unique, and planned according to what you need to receive therapeutic benefit. Your privacy, comfort and warmth is very important and is respected.

At times, you may be asked to wear a sports bra or a bathing suit. To ensure the greatest benefit, please always bring an open mind and willingness to change habits that may hinder your healing and health.

Sessions are Active:

Sessions often begin with a moment of bodyreading- an evaluation of the holdings, stresses, and imbalances of your body. During the session, you may be asked to move in a specific way to facilitate soft tissue release; diminish pain; and increase awareness of an area. This may simply involve breathing at your normal capacity or it may involve particular movements of the muscles. Oftentimes, when you participate in the session, the results are greater and more sustained.


It is common for someone to remove all of their clothes for massage, and they are covered by a sheet during a session.  Depending on the treatment, Kammaleathahh may ask you to wear underwear or a bathing suit (and sports bra if you are female) that you are comfortable being seen in. If you are uncomfortable removing clothing, there is plenty of therapeutic work that can be done fully clothed.  If you have questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to ask. For fascial release patients, it is important to have access to; visibly examine; palpate and treat your body, muscles and tissues directly. Acupressure is always done full clothed.


All of your medical information, and what happened in the session is kept confidential. If someone asks if you are receiving treatment at SHC, your confidentiality will still be protected.

What should a client be mindful of before and after a session?

Eating: You may find it more comfortable not to eat 30-60 minutes prior to the session. If a session involves abdominal work, you will probably be more comfortable not eating immediately before a session. You can eat directly after your session. Vegetables and other plant based foods are best.

Water: Hydrated tissue is healthier, and any residual soreness will be diminished if you drink plenty of water. Come prepared by being hydrated, but don’t drink a lot of fluids right before the session. It is best if you do not drink a lot of alcohol after a bodywork session.

Frequency of appointments: Depending on the nature of your issue, you may need to come weekly or once a month. We will decide a treatment plan that will work for you.

Your role in the healing process: 

Your day to day actions are key to your healing. Having an open, inquisitive mind is helpful so you can perceive the things that keep you healthy or hinder your healing.

Your health is like a house. You would never think about building a house without a front door, a foundation, or roof. Your health is much the same way.  Many pieces build a strong, complete structure.