Apply for a Tip it Forward Session

How much will it cost?
Fees are based on a sliding scale from $20-$55. These fees represent about half the cost of a private office visit for massage therapy and structural integration.

Our sliding fee scale is based on the honor system, so you do not need to bring in any documentation of your income. We trust that you will find this service valuable and these rates reasonable.

It's important to keep in mind that Tip it Forward is a fund generated from tips.  Whatever you receive directly influences what another person receives. You are welcome to contribute a tip towards another. Any amount is appreciated. No matter how small, many drops of water fill a bucket! 

How many appointments can I receive?
We will create a treatment plan with you based on your needs and goals. Typically, we like to work within 3 session increments. At SHC, we believe in Change, and Change takes a team effort. We are responsible to help you as much as we can given a specific time frame. Likewise, you are responsible to believe in your own healing and take the necessary steps to support your health and wellbeing. 

Do I need an appointment?
The short answer is yes. Please call 502-265-5849 or schedule online here. Please reference tip it forward. 

Name *
We do not turn anyone away, but we do prioritize those who receive Medicare and Medicaid, and have children. Please tell how many are in your household.