The 12 series is designed to systematically reorganize your soft tissue system into a posture that is more supportive and energizing for your lifestyle. As such, there is a progression where each session builds upon the previous one. These 12 sessions can be broken up into three major headlines:

  1.  The first four sessions will work the superficial soft tissues of the front of the body, back of the body and sides of the body, from head to toe. The intent is to open the superficial sleeve of fascia. 
  2. The second four sessions effect the deeper aspects of the body, starting from the feet, and ending at the neck and jaw. Whereas the first four session deal primarily more with movement restrictions, the second four sessions will deal more with postural restrictions. This is essential work that needs to be addressed in order to facilitate long term change, and it won't hold if it isn't proceeded by the first four sessions that work the superficial tissues. 
  3. The last four sessions serve as an anchor for the work accomplished in all of the previous sessions. There is a session to integrate the legs and pelvis, one to work the pelvis and torso, one to work on the shoulder girdle and arms, and an ending session that dovetails into  whatever theme(s) were most important for your particular series.